VERLINDE is the French’s leading hoisting and mechanical handling equipment manufacturer with over 150 years of proven track record. VERLINDE, established in 1858, is the first French manufacturer to design and market electric winches and hoists. 

VERLINDE has an established distribution, manufacturing and sales and services network in France It employs over 8,000 staff globally and has the widest mechanical handling equipment range in the world covering weights ranging from 60kg to 400,000kg. 

In addition, it has over 70 patents registered in France and overseas with a stock of original spare parts for its oldest equipment up to 30 years. All VERLINDE’s mechanical handling equipment is also ISO 9001 quality control certified. It has an established network of consultants in over 80 countries world wide servicing various industries such as Automobile industry, Iron & Steel, Mechanical, Nuclear, Chemical & Petrochemical industry, Aeronautical industry and Food industry.